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Welcome to the Mushin Dojo,

 Here at the Mushin Dojo, we offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere for anyone who is willing to walk the path towards self-development, discipline, and perseverance. Although commonly people may believe that martial arts are only about learning self-defense, punching, and kicking, at the Mushin Dojo when you take a peek into our classes the first thing you will notice is everyone having a fun time, mixed in with some laughs, all partnered with learning martial and physical skills, and aim to hone not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. We offer classes for kids, youth, and adults, so if you're keen on learning more, take a look at the About and Class info Section below! 


The Art

Hoshindo offers a robust set of skills and tools that equip the modern person with the ability to successfully plot, craft, and manifest a harmonious and empowered life. The arts ranking is based on the Godai – “The Esoteric Five Elements” and incorporates exercises for students to journey deep within themselves. Students are challenged physically through an extensive amount of battle-tested techniques that come in the form of effective locks, tactful throws, devastating strikes, powerful pressure points, fluid grappling, and the use of traditional and orthodox weapons. Mind science, ninja tactics, as well as martial and esoteric philosophy are interwoven throughout the art, where students must be able to discuss specific strategies, demonstrate esoteric proficiencies, as well as read books from the assigned reading list and successfully pass the written examination in order to progress. To aid students on their inner- journey, they are taught different yogic and qi gong techniques as well as a variety of meditations from various traditions to delve deeper within the self. The art is focused on self-development and self-empowerment, with an emphasis to help students achieve the state of Tatsujin – “Fully Actualized Self”. The Art is studied to improve and protect ourselves, provide our family with security, and for inner peace. Our slogan is “Go Beyond the Physical”


The roots of Hoshindo Ninpo Taijutsu (Hoshindo) are based on Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu(traditional Ninjutsu), which is made up of 9 traditional ninja and samurai arts, developed by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi (34th Grandmaster), as well as Hoshin Roshi Ryu Jutaijutsu (modern Ninjutsu), a honed-down version of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu with a focus on the esoteric and self-development, developed by the late Dr Glenn Morris, author of Path Notes and Shadow Strategies of an American Ninja Master. Dr Morris received Soke Hatsumi’s approval to create a new system and launch it in the West focusing on the esoteric and self-developmental aspects of the traditional art that is no longer being taught in the Bujinkan. When Dr Morris transitioned, he appointed Gordon Hessie as the rightful heir and Soke of the Hoshin Roshi Ryu. Unfortunately, after Dr Morris’ passing in 2006, there was a split amongst senior members regarding leadership in the Hoshin Roshi Ryu. Soon after the split occurred Dr Richard Ramnarine received Soke Hessie’s approval and blessings to start Hoshindo.


At the Mushin Dojo our goal is to provide the student with tools to navigate the ever-changing tides of life, and using strategies for not only steering clear of danger but laying plans to prosper as well. We do not study these arts to become the deadliest or most well-known martial artist. We study these arts to improve and protect ourselves and provide our family with security and peace of mind. We study these arts to improve and protect ourselves and provide our family with security and peace of mind. We study these arts to become healthy and happy. Wherever we are, the people around us are safer. 



In our kids program, we teach children to calm the mind with mindfulness meditation and get used to their developing bodies with various movement and striking drills. Classes are for children ages 5-9 where they participate in a fun, supportive, and energizing atmosphere to help develop their gross motor skills, confidence, and social awareness. our program has a proven formula and structure to keep children engaged and having fun, but also have them push their limits and unlock hidden potentials. We cover topics such as stranger danger, anti-bullying and also create an environment of learning which applies to everyone, including children that might be on the spectrum. Classes start and end with meditation as well as positive affirmations, followed by a warm-up, workout, and syllabus-related techniques. Students can gain a sense of accomplishment by passing formal grading to achieve their next rank. Martial arts is not just about kicking and punching, and we believe that every child should try martial arts to develop focus, discipline, respect, confidence and so much more. 


While there can be learning from video games, studies have shown that youth who engage in physical activity, particularly martial arts, have better focus, deep-rooted confidence, and are more aware of their surroundings and capabilities. We have developed a program for youth ages 10-14 where we teach reality-tested martial arts in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Youth learn a variety of meditative techniques such as mindfulness in order to stay calm and focused in life. Our classes are structured with meditation at the beginning and end, positive affirmations, and progression through the syllabus material which they can grade for in order to achieve their next rank in the art. Concepts such as strikes, throws, safety falls and rolls, anti-bullying, ground grappling, with a self-defense focus, and much more are covered. 


Whether you have trained in martial arts for years or are looking to start a new adventure, our adult classes are open for any age and experience level. Adult classes have a great emphasis on self-development and the mind, body, and spirit, where you get to challenge yourself physically through martial techniques and principles, gain new perspectives and insights from martial and esoteric philosophy, and temper the self with meditative concepts that can be applied in everyday scenarios. Our approach to teaching each student is tailored to ensure they get the most out of training as we do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach. Classes will usually incorporate some form of Qi Gong or meditation for inner peace and stillness. You will progress through the 5 elements after earning your white belt, and learn a variety of strikes, locks, throws, ground grappling, weapons, mind sciences, meditations, and much more. 

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Class Location and Hours



Kids 5:45 pm - 6:15 pm 

Youth 6:15 pm - 7:00 pm

Adults 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm



Adult 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm 



Kids 5:45 pm - 6:15 pm 

Youth 6:15 pm - 7:00 pm

*Please contact at least 24hrs in advance if you wish to attend a class

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